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GDC was founded by a group, which has worked in different sectors since 1977. GDC has been employed research paper essay topics for college students on historical events good research paper essay topics for more than 10 years in the sale of dental/surgical instruments.

The constant commitment to research and the care paid to continual technological innovations has today allowed us to offer a wide  range of Top quality dental instruments.

The advanced design system,sophisticated management,modern infrastructures and quality control equipment, guarantee the excellent  quality – price connection and the efficient customer service.

Our marketing strategy is to employ our customer service representative directly to work on your valuable qualitative & quantitative orders, product demonstrations and consultations. As customer satisfaction is our top priority, we aim to make your experience more comfortable easy to approach & as per your expectations.

GDC has adopted modern means of marketing and communications, which it intends in cultivating, an close partnership with its customer, improving the image of the product and communication with customers and GDC’s  website online availability allows distributors & direct customers “real time” direct ordering facilities, account activity review, order tracking and order confirmation. In addition, the website offers an online catalog with product images, valuable information on instrument care, new product announcement & offers, and more.

GDC  stands behind every instrument with a Lifetime Guarantee as per product use Guidelines provided. In today’s demanding healthcare environment, investing in GDC instruments is highly appreciated and it is a significant step in gun control research paper outline controlling cost and improving patient care.

Instruments in this catalog represent GDC’s passion to continue meeting the demands of the customers. For the latest in state-of-the-art design & shapes, you can depend on GDC to deliver only the finest products.

Product Description


All GDC instruments are produced with high-quality stainless steel, thoroughly checked and inspected during all phases of production, in order to ensure that they correspond to the international standards laid by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 13485:2003, CE standards of “their compliance to use”.


The handles of GDC instruments and manufactured with AISI 304- class 3, AUSTENITIC stainless steel (no hardening treatments). This kind of stainless steel grants a very high resistance to wear and corrosion. Because the use of handles with different diameters helps to prevent an excessive fatigue of the operator’s hand, our instruments are supplied with different types of handles.

The instruments for diagnostic and restorative purpose are supplied with a stainless steel, full, round handle, with a diameter of 6 mm & 8 mm

Surgical instruments: the periosteals are supplied with a stainless steel, hollow, round handle, with a diameter of  8 mm & 10 mm.

The other surgical and periodontal instruments are supplied  with a new lightweight, hollow, stainless steel handle with a larger diameter of 10 mm. It grants the maximum comfort for the operator with a great reduction of hand and finger fatigue. In particular it has shown to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome acquisition.


Non-cutting tips: AISI 420 – class 4, MARTENSITIC  stainless steel (subjected to  hardening treatments). This kind of stainless steel grants a good resilience, a very good mechanic resistance to traction and torsion and an excellent resistance to wear and corrosion.

Cutting(sharpened) tips: AISI 440- class 4, MARTENSITIC high grade carbon stainless steel (subjected to hardening treatments). This kind of stainless steel grants a good resilience a very good mechanic resistance to traction and torsion, an excellent resistance to wear and corrosion and a very high hardness degree.

Furthermore, the tips manufactured with high- grade carbon stainless steel alloy give the instruments a proper rigidity and a long lasting cutting capacity.

Thanks to the most modern production techniques, the working tips are inserted into the handles by mechanical pressure. Therefore, no chemical adhesives or soldering are used, reducing to the minimum, the risk that the tip could come out off place.


Tips manufactures with superior quality stainless steel

• Maximum resistance to wear and corrosion

Tips of the cutting instruments manufactured with high grade carbon stainless steel alloy

• Efficient and long-lasting cutting edges

• Possibility of re-sharpening with stones(Arkansas, India etc.) or with sharpening machines

Tips aligned on the central axis

• Optimal distribution of the weight all along the instrument’s length

• Perfect balance of the instrument

Ergonomic design of the handle with gentle textured groove

• Maximum grip and reduced risk of slipping

• Easier to clean

Super lightweight and larger diameter handles – 10 mm.

• Maximum tactile sensitivity

• Maximum comfort

• Maximum muscular relax

• Maximum reduction of hand fatigue

• Minimum risk of carpal tunnel syndrome acquistion

Processing and maintenance of the dental instruments, stainless steel instruments trays and cassettes


Stainless steel alloys – Even if the main characteristic of the stainless steel alloys used for the manufacturing of dental and surgical instruments is the very high resistance to corrosion, some problems such as loss of colour, corrosion, loss of physical/chemical properties, may arise if they are exposed, for longer than the recommended period of time,  to some chemicals / chemical concentrations. Stainless steel instruments, trays and cassettes should not be exposed to a prolonged action of chloride solutions. Stainless steel instruments, trays and cassettes should never come into contact with the following chemicals: Chlorine solutions, Hypo chlorites , Ferric  chlorite, Hydrochloric Acid, and lodine. Carbon stainless steel alloys (used for the tips of the cutting/sharpened instruments) Carbon stainless steel alloys are guaranteed to reach a very high hardness level and therefore perfectly sharpened and long lasting blade edges. However these particular alloys are more sensitive to the action of chemicals and the instruments made with this material require particular care:

• Carefully dry the instruments immediately after hand or ultrasonic cleaning

• Keep the cutting/sharpened instruments separate from other instruments during cleaning and sterilization process.

• Rust- Inhibitor detergents should only be used for the cleaning process


All instruments must be disinfected, cleaned and sterilized prior to each use. Furthermore, disinfection, cleaning and sterilization process are also required before the first use of new, non-sterile instruments. Effective disinfection, cleaning process are indispensable to obtain proper instruments sterilization.

Processing and maintenance disinfection cleaning drying checking sterilization storage use

Disinfection: immediately after the use immerse the instruments into a decontaminating solution. Contaminated instruments must be disinfected as early as possible in order to assure the maximum safety to the dental office staff when handling contaminated instruments. Pay close attention to the correct dosages and exposures times.

Cleaning: instruments must be properly cleaned before sterilization. Cleaning can be made by hand, by ultrasonic apparatus or by washing machines.

Hand cleaning: wash the instruments with warm water and a non-corrosive,neutral detergent. For scrubbing use only stiff plastic brushes, do not use steel wool or metal wire brushes. Warning! Handle the contaminated instruments with care and use protective gloves to avoid the risk of injures.

Ultrasonic cleaning: use proper non-corrosive, neutral detergent contains a rust inhibitor solution. Immerse the instruments into the ultrasonic apparatus basin containing the washing solution and process them for the full recommended cycle time. Change the washing solution frequently, following the manufactured recommendations. After the hand or ultrasonic cleaning, carefully rinse the instruments (preferably using de-mineralized water) in order to remove all the residues of the washing solution.

Automatic Washers: strictly follow the manufacturer’s instruction and recommendation. consider the instructions of the detergent manufacture’s regarding concentration and soaking time. Completely disassemble instruments, if possible, before processing them. preferably place the instruments in a cassette or other tray system suitable for the instruments to prevent damages (avoid any contact between the instruments).

Do not overload the washer unit and be sure that all instruments are fully accessed. Remove the instruments from the washer unit only after the end of the program.

Drying: immediately after rinsing the instruments, these should be carefully dried with paper towels or better still with a blow of compressed air.

Checking: inspect the instruments for proper function and condition. Remove any rusted, stained or not properly functioning instruments (rust can be transmitted to other instruments or to the autoclave inner walls). Sharpen instruments if necessary and remove completely any residues from the sharpening process, such as metal residue or sharpening oil. Lubricate, with a paraffin based lubricant, all the instruments with hinges,locks and other moving parts. Remember that all the hinged instruments (pliers,forceps,scissor,needle holders etc.) should be sterilized  in an open position. Never lock an instrument during the sterilization cycle because it may develop cracks in the hinge areas due to metal expansion caused by the heat. if you put the instruments in sterilizing envelopes carefully check their sealing.

Sterilization: Warning! The sterilization of the instruments does not replace the cleaning. The sterilization is a process that eliminates all the infective micro-organisms and should be performed after the proper cleaning of the instruments. The different sterilization methods can be commonly verified in the dental office by the “Spore Testing”.

Autoclave Sterilization: the sterilization process is accomplished by high pressure hot steam. Do not overload the autoclave and strictly follow the  instructions and recommendations of the manufacture of the sterilizing apparatus.

Dry Heat: the sterilization process is accomplished by dry heat. Instruments should be absolutely dry before performing this sterilization process. Sterilizing envelopes cannot be used. Strictly follow the instructions and recommendations of the manufacturer of the sterilizing apparatus.

Cold Liquids: the sterilization process is accomplished by the action of the liquid solution classified as cold sterilizing agents. After the immersion into the sterilizing solutions the instruments should be properly rinsed using sterilized water, in any case, always strictly follow the instruction  and recommendations of the manufacturer of the sterilizing solution used.

Storage: any sterilized instruments should be preserved inside the sterilizing envelopes, containers, trays, cassettes etc, in a specific and protected location, with a constant temperature and humidity. Avoid unnecessary handling prior to next use.


The above mentioned suggestions regarding the processing of the dental instruments have the primary aim to preserve the patients and the dental office staff from the risk of cross contamination. At the same time the professionals should not forget that if such procedures are carried out with method and care, the instruments, manufactured with the utmost of care using selected raw materials, can properly perform their duty and last for a long time giving full satisfaction.


Every GDC instruments is manufactured and controlled with the utmost care. Any instruments, which, during its proper use, proves defective in material and/or workmanship, will either be replaced or repaired, at our discretion, without charge.


How to place an order

All GDC instruments can be obtained through your usual dealer or depot. If you do not have a distributor or dealer at hand please contact us phone or by fax and our customer care staff will be able to provide name/s of your nearest dealer/s.

GDC customer care staff will also be glad to provide assistance and information.

All GDC instruments are placed on the market exclusive under the GDC brand name. each and every instruments is marked and packed in conformity with the European directive 93/42 and bears code. Code number makes sure that you are effective purchasing the instruments you have selected and facilitates of the same instruments. Each instrument must be sterilized prior to use.

Each instruments is packed in a sealed envelop after passing our quality control. The envelop bears the wording GDC Fine Crafted Dental Precision Instruments.

All instruments bear the CE marking.

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